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Next to Me / Kraj mene



Audio Book

E-Book + Audio

Audio Book in Croatian

Duration: 84 minutes | Format: MP3
Available: online

Level 2: Intermediate A2 – Intermediate Low
up to 1,200 words – for learners who are able to actively use the present, future and perfect tenses in Croatian


Koraljka is a 6-year-old girl whose life had been happy and carefree, until its father got involved in an accident. Koraljka is confronted with the traumas of her loss, which she tries to overcome with her unique strength. A moving story about the world of adults from the eye of a child

  • Narrator’s voice: Nora Grbić
  • Author, director and production: Ana Bilić
  • Sound recording and music: Danilo Wimmer

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Ana Bilic: Next to me / Kraj mene - Audio Book

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